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BIV House Sparrow Spooker Kit

BIV House Sparrow Spooker Kit
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Sparrow Spooker designs abound...Steve has taken one of the best ones and made some very helpful improvements to make it easier to use effectively. Not to be used year-round, there are some very specific directions for using “sparrow spookers” on nest boxes successfully. We include those instructions with our Sparrow Spooker kit. Especially important is the practice of not installing this device on a nest box until the native bird has laid at least one egg. FYI: Of Course, the purpose of this device is to discourage House Sparrows from nest boxes already occupied by native birds; it has nothing to do with our native sparrows that come to our yards and feeders. These species are not cavity –nesting birds so would likely not even be interested in the nest box.
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