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Critter Café
Seminar at Birds-I-View

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Here at Birds-I-View we are
big fans of
(And a covered Platform is just ONE  
great way to feed it...See Photo Above)
Many birds love Safflower Seed --but
not Starlings!

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Sky Café Bluebird Feeder!
Also feeds other desirable backyard birds-- just check
out the video above  Steve shot on
our deck !
Looking for a Great
Book/CD to help you
learn Bird Songs &
More Details on this item here!
Will your Bluebirds and Orioles
do this? Click arrow above.
This Female Pileated Woodpecker is
enjoying Home-made Suet from the "Critter
Café" Seminar at Birds-I-View ( See Recipe
link below). Click here to download our
"Woodpeckers: Nature's
Home-Builders" Educational Brochure.
Check out our
Photos of
"Blizzard Birding"
in the Birds-I-View
Bird Garden during
the Feb. 2011
See the photos HERE
Check out this
Birds-I-View Exclusive
Deluxe Bluebird Feeder! (above)
Designed by Birds-I-View owner,
Steve Garr -  and for sale on our
"Bluebird" page!!
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A Terrific assortment of Rugs,
Trivets, Table Runners, Place
mats and more...come see!
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Bird Conservation is one of our Passions
at Birds-I-View!
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OWL mugs from
Jim Rathert Photography!
NEW!  Lavender Sachets
in beautifully
Boxed Gift Sets!
Available in fantastic "birdy" designs
these are perfect
House-warming or
Hostess Gifts
.  Made in the USA!
  • Screech Owl
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Snowy Owl
  • Barn Owl
  • Short-eared Owl
  • a great mug featuring a
    collage of five Owls!
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Two Hairy Woodpeckers enjoy one of
our FAVORITE Starling-proof Suet

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Birds-I-View has the new Spectacular DVDs  "Flight: the
Genius of Birds"
and "Metamorphosis: the design &
beauty of Butterflies"
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Brighten up your yard with a feeder as colorful as
the birds it attracts!
The "Sky Café" (below) is made
in the USA and one of our
Favorite Feeders!
Visit our Retail Store
512 Ellis Blvd.
Jefferson City , Missouri 65101
(Next to Roly Poly Sandwiches and
across from the YMCA )
573-638-BIRD (2473)
Open 10 am - 6 pm   (central time)
Monday- Saturday
Check out
this Cute
Bird Feeder

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Check out the
Recipes in our
"Feeding Bluebirds"

Check out the Missouri Bluebird
Conference Pics  :

Check out some of our
Hummingbird Feeders
October SALES
at Birds-I-View!

  • Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders!
  • Squirrel & Raccoon BAFFLES
  • Weather Guards for feeders
  • Wind Chimes!
Don't forget the "Big Sit Bird
Count" Saturday, Oct. 11th
FREE & Fun!
Check out last years "Sit" HERE
Love Cardinals?
We have beautiful Gifts featuring Cardinals from
Jim Rathert Photography !
Photo by Jim Rathert
Check out the OCTOBER
Bird Update!
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THANKS to all who joined us for the "Big Sit Bird Count"
Saturday, October 11th
in the BIV Bird Garden!
We counted 43 different bird species at BIV including Yellow-billed Cuckoo,
Orange-crowned warbler, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Bald Eagles, Cedar Waxwings (pictured left
with berry), Black-throated Green warbler, Eastern Phoebe, plus a fly-over of 200+
Double-crested Cormorants!
Get the Complete Species List and more pics HERE!
Birds-I-View gave away 59 cakes of Suet
and 13 pounds of our Top-selling Bird
to Winners (competing only against
!)  of BIV Big Sit Bingo plus to
winners of other games we played.  
SPECIAL THANKS to River Bluffs
Audubon members
who came out to
share their knowledge with everyone!
Cedar Waxwing at
BIV  10/11/14